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Rasagiline may slow decline of Parkinson's disease:

The Parkinson's study group reported that Rasagiline may be beneficial in preventing decline in early Parkinson's disease.  Study goal was to show whether rasagiline can slow progression in early Parkinson's disease.  Patient who took the medication  for the full 12 months did better than those delayed treatment.  Some patients were given this drug 6 months later to see the effects of not treating early.  Researchers found that patient who took 1mg/day or 2/mg of rasagiline where less likely to decline in activities of daily living and the UPDRS scale.  Analysis of an on-going open label study (Mark Lew et al) has suggested long term safety and efficacy. Theoretically this agent provides protection against the progressive neurodegenerative process of this disease and therefore future studies are needed.

Apomorphine injection provides rescue:

Certain aspects of advanced Parkinson's disease, such as dyskinesias and motor fluctuations are hard to control with currently available medical treatment.  Continuous subcutaneous injection of apomorphine is an effective and well-tolerated solution for untreated motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson's disease, according a new poster presentation.  This poster was presented the 2005 during the american academy of  neurology meeting. ref. (57 annual program, 2005, S47.007)

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